TOUR SERIES!! Matrix Fitness GP round 2, Motherwell

Last year, myself and Alison had the chance to dip our toes in at a more elite level and race the Redditch round of the Matrix Fitness women’s GP series. For anybody that doesn’t know, the Tour Series and Matrix Fitness GP series are a televised series of town center crit races, hosted by towns across the UK and attended by some of the top riders in the country – for the women’s race, stars such as Katie Archibald, Laura Trott, Eileen Roe, Jessie Walker, Nikki Juniper and Dame Sarah Storey. Continue reading


A season update

Busy busy busy! So busy I’ve not had time to write about anything I’ve been up to. Looking back, my last update was on Pimbo, a whole 2 months ago. Poor effort on my part. So here’s a recap! Continue reading

And so it begins again!

Where’ve I been? It’s been literally months since my last update, and for that, I apologise. Being winter, you might expect a lack of posts simply through there not being much going on – which is completely untrue! In fact, I’ve probably been busier this winter than ever before. Sticky situation really, there’s so much going on that I could write about, that I don’t actually have time to write about it… What better than my first race of the season though, to kick-start my blog writing again! So here I am, with a MEGA catch up and a quick race report from the weekend.

What’s been keeping me so busy? Since Christmas, there’s been… Continue reading

A winter catch up…

It’s been aaaaages since my last blog update! So sorry for not writing something sooner, but everything’s been a bit hectic recently. I feel like I need a break from my off-season! What with uni, training, work and our new, crazy addition to the family, border collie puppy Eva, things have certainly been a bit busy round here. What better day than boxing day to spend writing a bit of a catch up post though? Continue reading

Ready steady race part 2: BC breakdown

Welcome to the second blog in the series! After covering the more practical side of getting started in part 1, this time I’ll be talking all about the BC system: what it is, why you need it, plus everything you need to know about holding a race licence – points, categories and rankings.

Let’s take it from the beginning: ‘I’d love to have a go at racing, but where exactly do I start?’ Continue reading

Ready steady race, part 1: getting prepared

Hello! After a bit of a break following my last road race of the year, I’m back! It’s been a month or so since my last post, so a quick update is in order. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have seen lots of exciting news about the team and where we’re going next year – if not, check out our new team Facebook page, blog and the VCUK website for all the gossip. I’ve also been trying my hand at a bit of cyclo-cross, which I’m not very good at (understatement, I’m terrible) but enjoying a lot.

A bit different to what I'm used to! (Photo by Joolze Dymond, )

I almost look as if I know what I’m doing here! (Photo by Joolze Dymond, )

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My debut season: a review

With my road season drawing to a close on Saturday, now is a good time to start looking back over the year. I’ve done a lot in 7 months, so there’s quite a bit to cover in this. In general, I’m really happy with the way my first year has gone. Being the perfectionist that I am, I can think of a million and one things that I could have done better, but as I’m often told, you can’t be the best straight away. My aim at the start of the year was simply to have fun and enjoy myself, maybe getting my 3rd cat along the way. As I’ve exceeded my expectations, I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself, when really I should be proud to have come so far in a short amount of time. Looking back now, I think I can call it a success… 🙂

Photo credit: Russell Ellis

Photo credit: Russell Ellis

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